Nicki Minaj, you have made a terrible mistake

As the mother of four teenagers, several of whom love Nicki Minaj, the photo of Angolan dictator Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ daughter-from-hell, Isabel dos Santos posing with Minaj made me sick to my stomach. It explains why several of my posts about the dos Santos gang of thieves keep getting viewed so much lately.

Despite being asked by human rights groups not to take dos Santos’ blood money and accept a gig to perform for the Unitel Communications Company (which Isabel dos Santos controls) in Angola, Minaj apparently decided that the show must go on. Probably the only good thing to come of this is that the day before her performance, 15 youth activists who had been illegally imprisoned on trumped up charges were mysteriously released and sentenced to mere house arrest after being held in prison for half a year. I’d bet $20 that they’ll be rounded up again once Minaj leaves and has had time to spend her filthy paycheck.

I’d like to say that Nicki Minaj had no idea who she was hugging, or who she was so impressed by, except that there is plenty of evidence that Minaj should have known. This is what Minaj wrote to accompany her photo with Satan Isabel dos Santos on Instagram:

“She’s just the 8th richest woman in the world. (At least that’s what I was told by someone b4 we took this photo) Lol. Yikes!!!!! GIRL POWER!!!!! This motivates me soooooooooo much!!!!”

The only thing she should have been motivated to do would be to run for her life.

nikki meme

And it’s not only Minaj who has clearly lost her freaking mind and/or moral compass (although her caption on Instagram makes her sound like some sort of idiot who doesn’t know how to type “Google”). I also came across this interview conducted with Isabel dos Santos by the BBC, an organization which definitely should have known better, where they feted Isabel dos Santos in a series celebrating “100 women.” Unless the news series was about notorious, ruthless, cold blooded women (which it was not), Isabel dos Santos should never have been featured. It boggles the mind to imagine what on Earth the BBC could have been plied with to prostitute itself like this. It’s a truly Fox News-worthy level of bad taste (albeit with an uppity accent) to allow dos Santos to fake it through a few minutes of video pretending to be a decent human being.

The dos Santos family has wreaked unspeakable horror upon Angolans, damning millions to abject poverty and utter misery while looting the country’s natural resources (with the help of Western oil companies like ExxonMobil) for literally billions of oil dollars. This small African country, which suffers from what is known as the “resource curse,” is one of the poorest nations on Earth with a government, led by Isabel dos Santos despotic father, so corrupt that it ranks in the top 5 worst on the planet. Isabel dos Santos is a common thief from a family of thugs and murderers. It would have taken Minaj less than 5 minutes on the computer to have read what they’re up to.

Maybe Minaj did look into Isabel dos Santos. Maybe she only got this far, and figured the dos Santos family couldn’t be that bad if Mariah Carey was schmoozing with them…

Which is truly a dirty, rotten, stinking shame because just one more mouse click would have led her here, where she belonged:




    • Victor, it’s one of two things. Either she never got the information that was directed at her about the human rights violations and corruption of the dos Santos family or she got the information and needed the money (?). I really don’t know. It would have taken maybe 30 seconds to look up Isabel dos Santos online and see what she and her family have done. Very disappointing.


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