How does your state measure up on renewable energy?

Every state in America has been told that they must comply with President Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). Sure, James “Snowball Chucker” Inhofe and his ilk are fighting tooth and nail to actively not comply, trying to terrify Americans into believing that the CPP will destabilize the power grid, send rates through the roof, and, in general, cause civilization as we know it to collapse, none of which, by the way, is true. The reality is that the states must have a plan in progress while waiting to see how the whole thing plays out in the courts, with 24 states and one corporation (Murray Energy) suing the EPA over the Clean Power Plan.

Even in Kentucky, where new Republican Governor Matt Bevin has gone so far as to appoint a former Arch Coal executive and Kentucky Coal Association Board member (Charles Snavely) as the new Cabinet Secretary for the Energy and Environment, drafted plans are underway to comply with the federally mandated rule.

Each state’s renewable energy “environment” is different and, often times, dependent on not only the political milieu, but also the geography and natural conditions present. To see how your state is doing, check out the page here and scroll down to the map of the US to click on your state.  The American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) also has a nifty 2 page Executive Summary about each state’s renewable energy situation, which can be accessed here.