Defense Dept. told George W. Bush that climate change was national security threat in 2003

In 2003, George W. Bush’s Department of Defense (DOD) laid out the national security implications of climate change for him, and it was pretty straightforward: climate change poses a direct threat to human civilization and to US national security. Did Dubya pay any attention to his own military advisers? No. He was too busy doing what Dick Cheney told him to do (Thanks a lot, Dubya!). Maybe if DOD had made their report into a cartoon, it would have gotten through to him but I guess we’ll never know.

Here is my marked up copy of the DOD report. If it’s too small to read, you can click on the document itself within the frame to enlarge it, or you can go to my OneDrive website and read it here.

Lately, President Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been under fire for stating this exact same thing. I’d take it one step further than President Presidential candidate Sanders, however, and connect just one more dot. The fossil fuel industry is the threat to national security, and they have, by extension (and this isn’t even complicated), fueled terrorism and terrorists. Here’s a nifty chart I made for the climate change deniers who will undoubtedly feign confusion at what I’m saying:

climate terrorism

And, again, for the inevitable onslaught of climate change deniers and fossil fuel industry shills, I will provide you with a short video in case you can’t read:

Surely someone will point out that the Department of Defense report was from 2003, and that means that current US President Barack Obama has also done nothing of note to reverse our trend towards climate catastrophe. To that statement I would simply say that on this one point, we are in complete agreement.