A good day for Africa

This is incredibly good news. I’m really cautiously optimistic because I’ve NEVER seen the fossil fuel industry give up any fight. Every single counter move meant to stop their trail of destruction has discoverable loopholes which they are expert at finding.

The obvious ones that I see here would be attempts at legal toe dragging and further delays, along with “crocodile tear” concessions and pleas to use the (voluntary) EITI framework to report expenses, which would water down everything to the point of being useless. Much like how FracFocus (voluntary reporting of chemicals used in the fracking process) is a total joke to the point of being dangerous, ExxonMobil et al will demand control of the information they publicize.

I’ll follow up in the next few days with suggestions for how we might influence and bolster the impact of Oxfam’s awesome legal victory.

Here is a link to the article, which is posted below, for those who may want to join me in commenting in opposition to the fossil fuel shills shenanigans. And at the very bottom of this post, I’ve provided links to past articles I’ve written about Section 1504 of Dodd Frank.
Judge orders rule on foreign energy payments | TheHill

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