Pope Francis, we need you!

I don’t know if this recent blog post is true about the Pope. I hope it isn’t. One thing is for sure: Pope Francis and the Vatican are taking shrapnel from the climate denier rank and file. And why not? With over 1 billion followers around the world, and with an overwhelming majority of Hispanics in the United States supporting action on climate change (as opposed to only 49% of whites), the Koch brothers, Heartland Institute, Googly-eyed Monckton and every fossil fuel shill who can cash a check are lashing out, trying to discredit the Pope and shut him up about the environment. 

As some of you already know, I was born and raised a Catholic. I am not a Catholic any longer. In fact, I’m a very proud Atheist. Nonetheless, if Pope Francis does indeed stand up to the fossil fuel industry and call “a spade a spade,” which it looks like he has, the Catholic church will propel itself into the 21st century and beyond in a way that was unimaginable only a few years ago. As the saying goes (and I’ve said it before), “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” And with that, I fully support the Pope if he does indeed follow through and speak out against the fossil fuel industry and compel his followers to act on the threat to the planet. But there are incredibly dark and vicious forces working against this Pope. With literally trillions of dollars at stake, I fear not only for his position within the church, but also for his safety.

If you are on Twitter, please “follow” Pope Francis and tweet at him, encouraging words about his upcoming encyclical about the environment. Since it is easy to be misunderstood in tweets, try to be as clear (in your language) as possible. Ambiguity here is going to work against the message. As you can imagine, the loudest voices coming at the Vatican are the fossil fuel powered ones. If you belong to groups, forums, websites that relate to the Catholic church, or you come across mainstream media articles related to the Pope and climate change, PLEASE speak out in support of his actions. There are BIG dollars being spent by the fossil fuel industry, trolling about the internet, looking for opportunities to discredit the Pope. Defending him really and truly matters here. I beg of you to please really try and be a louder voice than the paid shills who are working non-stop to silence him.


  1. I admit it: I don’t understand the science and I have been relying entirely on people whose incomes, reputations and political agendas depend entirely on making sure no one questions them.

    I am increasingly of the opinion that YOU should get money for this since you clearly understand what is going on. I know that I have engaged in grotesque hypocrisy, and, to be honest, I hate myself, particularly as I am unable to even defend the views I have been peddling.


  2. Schatzie, I see that you stopped disabling comments.

    So we are clear, I was paid sixteen bajillion dollars for this post, because those evil people who deny there is a climate consider you a major threat.

    This fact, though, has no effect on SCIENCE, which, as a method, relies entirely on empiricism, reason, and facts and you DO have the facts, Schatzie.


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