No amount of lipstick is going to fix THIS pig

What do you get when you add gestational crates for pigs + Keystone XL + Chris Christie?

Yep. If the alarm bells in your head just went off, you’re right. I saw a headline just now that Christie was in Alberta, Canada having a beer with their Premier. All I could think was, “no way.” Well, yes way.

Christie is advocating for the passage of Keystone XL. I know. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s either an increasingly horrible political crap shoot or Christie is betting the farm that voters either don’t care or aren’t paying attention. Given the midterm elections, he may be right. It is, for me, the perfect storm of someone I already hate, who then continues to torture innocent animals, and then turns around and advocates to kill the planet. It’s a trifecta of terror.


  1. Chris Christie is a disgusting excuse for a human being and a horrible waste of space on this planet! Shame on him!!!!!!! He turns my stomach!!😡😡😡


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