ENSO neutral? 2015 is going to be a roaster

Is it just me or does anyone else not know where to FILE IT IN THEIR BRAIN when you come across someone who still doesn’t “believe” (like it’s a religion or something) that humans are responsible for changing our climate?

When I’m told, “I’m not a scientist, but…” well, for me, that is usually the prelude to having to be exposed to the very depths of a) arrogant ignorance or b) arrogant denial or c) delusional thinking with a paycheck backstory. I will admit that on most days, at least half a dozen times a day, I truly believe that we deserve the mass extinction event probably upon us. But then (and it’s always different) something leaps out at me and screams that we are worth saving. It can be a praying mantis who quizzically follows me around my back deck, or a baby take tentative, wobbly steps in a doctor’s office, or once it was catching a sparkly smile between two senior citizens at a grocery store, and knowing that they’ve been doing this same song and dance for decades (but still apparently feel frisky in the organic fruit section as there was a lot of giggling).

Okay, so I’ll become, just for a moment, less militant about the data and perhaps more sympathetic to the intellectual limitations. But we all need to keep in mind that we are running out of time – let’s HURRY UP! Here is the newest climate report. Bad news, Of course,.