US military wants to be in on the climate crisis action (and $$)


For me, the only interesting thing about this article and all the others being written about Defense Secretary¬†Chuck Hagel’s “bombshell about face” Pentagon report on the imminent danger to world stability caused by climate change is NOT that the US military is planning for political and social upheaval. It is already well documented that strategic plans are being put into place for the moment the “methane hits the fan.” The thing that should be of interest to you, fellow climate change warriors, is that a VERY significant, palpable and critical moment is upon us all. And when I mean “upon us,” I mean that this moment in time is very brief – the window is ajar for a sliver of time.

Don’t believe me? Rewind to a time before you read any of the stuff I’ve posted below about what is actually going on behind the curtain. If you had seen this headline out of the Pentagon a month ago, would you have felt hopeless and terrified? You’re supposed to be! You’re meant to be scared enough to cower in your subdivision in some sort of infantile fear, just begging to be saved by Halliburton, Raytheon, General Electric, Captain America or Bill Gates.

Granted, we should be concerned, but the climate change denier industry has put so many of us into a collective trance of ignorant complacency. Keep in mind that none of these dire climate predictions are news to Hagel or anyone else in a position of power and privilege around the world. A skeptic might ask the question about who might be better to ring the fire alarm bell than our Pentagon? Let us consider, for example, Energy Secretary BobbleHead Moniz and the Department of Energy. That guy is talking out of so many sides of his head that he’s going to have to drill more openings, so he won’t do. Our President, someone I once thought was a pretty straight shooter, well, same goes for him. Who cares what the Secretary of Commerce says, and the Federal Reserve is already ducking and covering for botching up the economy. Health and Human Services? Nah. Too much ebola and nobody listens to them anyway. Secretary of State Kerry? Not sure what he’s about. I honestly haven’t seen him on my climate change radar. How about NASA? Nope. They’ve been screaming at the top of their lungs about climate change for years, circulating every dataset, chart, graph, thermal image of melting sea ice, etc., and they still get no respect. They just want to ditch us and go to Mars. Who can blame them?

Now, in your peripheral vision we have a swelling, festering toxic brew of Koch brother financed right wing think tanks who’ve done a literal “360” on climate change, plus major hardware industries like Raytheon and Halliburton, along with Bill Gates (Remember geoengineering? You’re being primed to accept anything you are offered to save yourselves, folks), and believe it or not, even the fossil fuel industry is frantically trying to find creative ways to make money out of this global crisis. You know the one they created and perpetuated. Why is this the golden moment to stand up and say, “NO,” we are not going to be conned AGAIN? Because these bozos really can’t have it both ways, or in this case, a dozen ways.

You cannot support and sanction dangerous development of the fossil fuel industry, while you ring the alarm bell about global warming, while you simultaneously suffocate the rolling out of renewable energy, as you say there is no rise in CO2 levels, while you watch entire islands and coast lines be absorbed by rising sea levels. This is the moment, and it’s brief, when we say that the crazy train must stop and we tell these bunch of liars and crooks that they will sit at the kid’s table until they can behave themselves. Which will be never.

Here is a link to one of the original articles. Spread it around so that others understand that we must set the rules and decide what it takes to sit at the adult table, and also so that they are not made to feel afraid again.

(This post was originally published on my Facebook page on October 17th, but remains relevant, even if Hagel is out)