Get ready to either laugh yourself silly, or cry yourself to sleep. Could go either way

Please indulge me in this post. They aren’t going to solve any problems by reading them, but I have to share my incredulousness and amazement with someone, and who better than you guys?

So, I’m looking through the Department of Energy website, which is always a good way to raise your blood pressure, and I am reading through articles in their Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy website, when what jumps out at me but this:


And so, thinking that I must be having some kind of mental breakdown (and other Panera Bread patrons probably thought so, too, as they’re watching me clutch my neck while staring at my laptop), I boldly do, indeed, click the implausible link, from the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and and Renewable Energy which leads me to:


Well, I can barely contain my disgust at this point (and people are starting to move away), but I simply cannot help myself. I now feel I MUST read how to build an oil rig. This is a gateway PDF, by the way:


And what follows is a 22 page Teacher’s Guide (I kid you not) about how to build an oil rig. Parts of it throw a bone to renewables, but the juicy parts are all dirty. In case you find yourself wanting or needing to look at this traffic accident, here is the actual link to the information about building your own oil rig: