Worst Wikipedia page EVER!

Have you ever felt that the absence of something can sometimes mean more than its presence?

In 1946, President Harry Truman created an advisory committee called the Petroleum Industry War Council within the US Department of the Interior whose purpose was to advise government officials on, among other things, issues related to the US strategic petroleum reserves. In 1977, The Department of Energy (DOE) was created and this advisory Council was moved over to the DOE and renamed the National Petroleum Council (NPC). It’s members were handpicked by the DOE Secretary and its primary purpose was and still is to advise the US government and particularly the Department of Energy, and to make recommendations to the Secretary of Energy with respect to any matter relating to oil and natural gas, or to the oil and gas industries. This, to me, seems like a really, really bad idea. But wait. It gets worse.

By their own admission, the NPC states that their recommendations based on the “reports” they create are adopted by the DOE, and by extension, the US government 75% of the time. I would suggest that they are being modest. The NPC’s specially chosen members comprise 200 CEO’s and other top leadership representing the largest gas, oil and energy corporations in the world. Among them, Rex Tillerson (ExxonMobil CEO), the heads of BP, Shell, Phillips, Halliburton and basically any big gas and oil company you can name. Inexplicably, the members of this Council are also made up foreign gas and oil companies, such as Westport Innovations (Canada), TranAlta (Canada), Ensco Plc (United Kingdom), Eni SpA (Italy), Enbridge (Canada), Encana (Canada), Total S.A. (France), and TransCanada (Canada – Keystone XL). If you go the NPC.org website and peruse their members list and then glance at where and with whom the DOE Secretary seems to spend an inordinate amount of time, the connection is clear. In fact, he is listed as one of their “Officers” on their website. Again, bad idea. Why on earth would such a secretive bunch of crooks have a website? They have to since they are officially an Advisory Board for the Department of Energy (their webpage, which is going to make you sick, is npc.org).  I will post some of these documents I reference and which are taken directly from the US government website, in my References and Reading List section.

Now, the Wikipedia part…think about the storied past of this Council, the high powered membership and the important task they are being asked to do (free of charge, of course) and then go check out their Wikipedia page. Try to think of a less informative and smaller Wikipedia page. Please. Below are some random Wikipedia pages which you might think deserve less space on Wikipedia than the National Petroleum Council. As the saying goes, there is something rotten in Denmark.

1) Beyonce’s song, “Party:” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Party_(Beyoncé_song);

2) The best way to orient your toilet paper roll: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toilet_paper_orientation

3) Some Latin poet named Catallus from 2,000 years ago:

4) The Great Emu War:

5) National Petroleum Council:

And their “reports” are so incredibly out of date and useless. A pathetic stab at looking legit. Anyone else smell a RAT?