Geoengineering – just a REALLY bad idea (originally posted on October 10th to my Facebook page)

Right now, probably at this very moment, there are thousands of entrepreneurs, scientists, businessmen (Bill Gates is one of its biggest supporters) and even conservative think tanks that actively deny global warming who are working on “geoengineering” schemes aimed at lowering temperatures in our climate.

What I’m saying is that there are a growing number of people who think that it’s easier to block the sun (and it’s heat) from coming down to earth than it is to reign in the fossil fuel industry. There are many ways to do this. Most likely, all would end catastrophically, resulting in the probable death of billions of humans (mostly in Africa and Asia) due to crop failure and lack of water along with too many other atrocities to list here.

The plans range from ridiculous (Solar Radiation Management – putting mirrors or solar umbrellas into orbit to reflect sunlight), to comical (spraying sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere with planes or even cannons to recreate the cooling from volcanic eruptions) to barking mad (dumping tons of iron sulfate into the oceans). While this may sound completely bonkers to most of us, it is beyond reckless and is increasingly being considered as a viable “option” to fix climate change. There are some people who think that there is no way to stop the fossil fuel industry from polluting our planet and there are some who just want to keep polluting and who see geoengineering as a way to get away with doing it (while blocking everyone’s sunlight). They will damn each of us to life in a dimmed world. Does this sound appetizing? No.

Before you throw your hands up and despair that this is all hopeless, do not turn away, please. We must all know what is going on otherwise it will be too late to stop it. Ignorance is NOT bliss. This is so dangerous a concept that we must become educated about it before it gets started and cannot be stopped (because that would lead to incineration of our planet if it began and was halted).Please read the post I put tonight (October 10th) which shines a light on one organization which has created itself in order to oversee this crazy geoengineering experiment.