DOE Secretary Moniz defending the science of climate change (wtf)

Anyone who has read what I’ve written these past 2 months about the Department of Energy knows that they are beyond reprehensible for their inappropriate policies regarding virtually aspect of fossil fuels (way too much emphasis on carbon based
energy research, development and investment), renewables (not nearly enough work in this area), their intermingling with, and direct policy advisement by the oil industry, and basically the entire structure of their department. It is shocking how interconnected they are with Big Oil.

Okay, now keep THAT in mind when you watch this brief interaction on YouTube between Senator David McKinley (West Virginia) and DOE Secretary Moniz regarding the validity of scientific consensus and data about global warming. McKinley is a climate change denier, by the way.

I’ve watched many video clips of Moniz and in many situations (with both his friends and his foes), and I’ve never seen him get so agitated. Keep in mind that he’s a nuclear physicist, by training. So what he says to McKinley makes PERFECT sense and is entirely appropriate. However, what he does in his job as Energy Secretary is entirely at odds with his clearly firm understanding of climate science and it’s seriousness.

So, I’ve got to ask: what’s up with that?

Here is the link: