Geoengineering, or how there are actually people who want to dim the sun to combat climate change (originally posted on my Facebook page on October 10th)

Ladies and gentlemen, you are going to LOVE THIS. I’m sorry it’s a long post, but once you get to the end of it, you’ll see why:

For a limited time, you too can be part of this gang of thieves (not all are bad, but the majority truly are wicked) who think that they are going to dim our sun’s warm rays from entering our atmosphere. Yep.I am being totally serious. It’s called geoengineering and if you are up for the biggest indignation so far, check out their website and KEEP IN MIND that this is not a joke. Nor is it to be dismissed as entirely too looney and dangerous to be put into motion (people thought that about fracking before it began, too).

And pay particularly close attention to this part: the fossil fuel industry is beginning to push, promote and fund scientists, con artists and spin doctors to get this going so that they can keep mining and burning every drop of carbon left on earth. They have given it the warm and fuzzy name “Plan B,” as in “Well folks, since Plan A didn’t work we’re going to just have to wipe out entire continents (Africa, you’re the first to go).” “Plan A” is, of course, that we need to quit heating up the climate with the burning of fossil fuels. This seems like a pretty simple plan when compared with the prospect of blocking the sun for every living creature on earth, or one would think.

There is SO much wrong with this group that it boggles the mind. Funded in large part by Bill Gates, the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI – who the hell made that catchy name up?) continue meeting and planning and furiously attempting to convince governments and decision-makers that altering our climate by increasingly lunatic, untestable and lethal methods is DEFINITELY GONNA WORK. Really. We pinky-swear.

Anyway, as SRMGI allows people to apply to their stupid “club” as “Stakeholders” which means anyone that has an interest or a concern or a “stake” in the outcome (that would be everyone on earth), I am attaching the application. I have applied. I think that EVERYONE should apply. As a matter of fact, I am begging you to do it. And please pass this along to everyone you know. Your life, literally, depends on it. Here’s your application link to world domination: