What we’re up against: Example #1 “The Idiot”

I wish I could say that Steve Paulson was the exception, instead of the rule to climate change deniers. The hardcore ones, in other words, the guys that will harass and bother me, fall into only 2 categories. Paulson goes under the heading of “nitwit.” He’s genuinely not intelligent or funny, and yet, he’s absolutely positive that both of those qualities apply to him…in spades.

The other category of hardcore denier is the paid shill. They, unlike Paulson, fully know what they’re doing because it’s their job. In fact, I’d say that they probably understand the science, or at least the implications of the science, better than most people because they’ve got to mangle and discredit it. That type of denier harasses me, too, but their attacks are decidedly different.

Steve Paulson writes to me a lot. He’s a nuisance, and usually I don’t pay attention to him although there are times I’ve really messed with him, but I don’t even think he’s smart enough to have figured it out. Here are a few of his messages to me. These are the “less lengthy” and less vile ones, and if they appear too small to read, you can click on the image and it should become enlarged:

paulson 4

Here’s another:

paulson 3

And another:

paulson 2
And his latest brilliant missive (from September 16th) which wouldn’t be complete without one of his favorite words (“analphabetic”):
steve 9Leading me to the last one I’ll post from Steve. This is just a really good example of how little they pay attention. Notice the blustery pride he takes in “besting” me:

It may be difficult to read, but look at the link he provides at the bottom of the message above. This is his “gotcha” moment, or at least that’s what he thinks. Usually these guys only provide links to fringe, crazy stuff that they write themselves, so he’s thinking that because this is a (more) mainstream publication, it’s going to disprove EVERYTHING I’ve ever written.  And, by the way, I haven’t even been blogging for one year, let alone many years, so he’s just pulling it all out of his ass. Here’s the link to the Business Insider article.

He not only didn’t read the article, but he didn’t even understand the title.

Yes, this is what we’re up against: an army of nitwits led by a few con artists. I’d say we’ve got this.

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  1. Ewwwww, I feel slightly dirty now. Douchebag is the nicest name I can give him. If I used the ones that he is really deserving of, I would feel nauseatingly dirty. I am now going to take a shower, or maybe 2.


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