TPP, TTIP, NAFTA…tomato, to-MAH-toe

When you read this document, you’re going to think that this is some sort of satirical piece from The Onion.  It is THAT absurd…so criminal, that it simply can’t be real.

And yet, it is.

Here in the US, I’ve written many times about how members of Congress have to go to lunatic lengths to even see the text of the Trans Pacific Partnership. It defies imagination. Well, it appears that our European counterparts have it much worse. Their representatives in government have to FLY to Brussels to see what’s coming their way. It’s bad here. It’s bad there. TPP and their version (TTIP) are so insane that it’s like a bad Monty Python Movie or something.

Here is the text:

EC's Transparency Spin Falls Flat as TTIP Made Even More Secretive | Mark Dearn_Page_1 EC's Transparency Spin Falls Flat as TTIP Made Even More Secretive | Mark Dearn_Page_2

And here is the link to the actual article. 

America, I beg of you — please wake up. TPP, TTIP, and all these other “deals” defy logic. Do you want to ban fracking? Do you love NPR and PBS? Do you think your vote even REMOTELY matters? All of these things become meaningless if TPP gets passed. These trade deals are horrendously bad for every single one of us, unless you own Monsanto or ExxonMobil in any real sense.

David Malone (UK Green Party) made an incredible hour and a half video discussing the significance and impact of these international trade deals, thousands of which already exist. If TPP and TTIP get rammed down our throats, we are going to be in big trouble. If you don’t believe me,  I urge you to please sit down and listen to it/watch his video (Here is the link). I feel so strongly about this that I excerpted his video (in case you don’t have the time to watch the whole thing) and I’ve put it below.

Even carving it up to its “bare bones,” I only could get it down to about 13 minutes (I also had to add some context so it made sense).  Here it is. And you can watch it on my YouTube channel if it’s buffering too much.

We need to let people know what this ridiculous thing is and join forces with others trying to kill the beast.


  1. Can you explain to me why Obama is so supportive of this? His support confuses me. I’d like to see a petition asking him to publicly address this issue, explain it and to state how it would help the middle class. He speaks out on other issues why not this one. It’s secretcy alone should make everyone pay attention. I’d like to see that petition . Didn’t he say he’d address things with what 1,000 signatures? He wants the Iran deal he speaks up. Why not this?


    • It’s utter madness, isn’t it, Gail? Unless it’s so Machiavellian that our elected officials think us too stupid to explain. Take a look at the post I did after this one called, “Proxy Wars.” I think it makes as much sense as anything else, because none of it makes sense when framed within the narrative they try to convince us of.


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