Go radical or go home

Would you like to know why the ban on fracking in New York state isn’t going to work? How about the reason why Bernie Sanders is the ONLY presidential candidate that even matters? Or why the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) spells the end of democracy as we know it?  I know. That sounds like an impossibly tall order to fill in one post. It would be for ME, but I’m not going to do it. I’m going to let someone else do it. His name is David Malone. He’s British and when he refers to TTIP, just insert “TPP” in your mind.

I’ve been going on and on about fracking, Bernie and TPP ad infinitum since last year. Forget about all that, too (for now). I’m putting three of Mr. Malone’s YouTube videos below. They’re really all part of the same presentation, so please listen to them in order (1, 2 and 3) and you don’t have to sit and watch them (but you may want to) because he’s not pulling out charts or graphs. You can just listen to what he says, if that’s more conveniente for you.  I started writing notes to point out important parts in each one of the videos but I ditched that idea midway through. There’s no way to condense it down to a few stand-out moments.

The audio quality starts out dodgy and the first several minutes of the very first video aren’t going to seem groundbreaking or riveting. Give him a little time. I promise…no, I guarantee, that by the last few minutes of the 3rd video (it will be the question and answer period), you will want more. There is more, but I suggest that you start with this.

A little background: David Malone was running for office in the UK as a Green Party candidate earlier this year. He didn’t win and I’m really sorry about that, but this man is clearly not done yet. He’s a second generation documentary filmmaker (his father made Cosmos with Carl Sagan, among other things), a blogger/writer, and advocate for truth and justice.

I’m putting just three of his videos below (like I said, they are all three from the same talk), and they seemed to buffer quite a bit, so you can always link directly to them on YouTube.

I don’t think I’m overselling him when I say that your understanding of the situation we are all in will be a lot clearer after spending some time with Mr. Malone.

Part I:

Part II – This is a continuation from the first video:

Part III – Don’t worry if the audience questions are difficult to hear. His answers are crystal clear: