Make it plain

So, I’m driving home from the local Bernie Sanders “rally” which was held across the US tonight and I’m listening to a Sirius/XM Progressive radio show which I LOVE called, “Make It Plain” with Mark Thompson (whose real name is Matsimela Mapfumo). He starts talking about how important it is for white people to stick up for black people, and for straight people to stick up for the LGBT community, for US citizens to stick up for immigrants, and for men to stick up for women. I suspect it was off-the-cuff on Thompson’s part because after he got started speaking in this vein, he sort of apologized. He shouldn’t have because it was very compelling.

At that moment, he took a call on-air from a clearly older gentleman who identified as a white man, about to turn 62 years old. I think his name was Wayne. He was kind of talking about the importance of white people supporting black people and his comments were tracking exactly with Thompson’s commentary. At that point, he (Wayne) suggests that Thompson take a look at a video on YouTube called, “Chatter – by Unlikely.” As he’s describing the video, which is a white person rapping about #blacklivesmatter, he’s asking Thompson to check it out, I suspect that one of Make It Plain’s staffers is taking a peek at the YouTube video on their own.

Thompson sounds briefly surprised, and he asks Wayne if the rapper in the video is actually him, Wayne. Wayne sheepishly admits that the video of an older white man rapping about racism is indeed him. 61+ year old white guy.

Here it is. It’s really good, and sweet and important. Please share this really neat video because, well, I can’t think of a reason NOT TO.