URGENT: Please make this call NOW, & share

Later on today, the House of Representatives will vote, again, to authorize Fast Track Authority for President Obama so that he can get the Trans Pacific Partnership passed into law.

Without Fast Track Authority (also known as Trade Promotion Authority or TPA), there is almost no chance that the Trans Pacific Partnership will pass. Why? Because without Fast Track Authority, which says that Congress must simply vote “yes” or “no,” with no debate about details in trade legislation, the details of the most corrupt trade “deal” in our nation’s history: a) will be made public, and b) will be open for discussion, publicly, and c) will never be passed by Congress as the American public will be up in arms, and not allow it.

For these reasons, the Obama Administration sees Fast Track Authority as essential to passing the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade deal which is literally bad for every single American EXCEPT the 1% of the 1%.

Last Friday, a vote on Fast Track Authority was defeated in the House of Representatives. However, they are not going to give up that easily. So, later today, the Obama Administration is going to try and get it passed, again, in a different (and sneaky) way. Don’t bother signing a petition. No one will have time to read them. What needs to be done is that you must find your elected Representative, call them in Washington, D.C. and tell whoever answers the phone that:

1) You oppose Fast Track Authority and the Trans Pacific Partnership
2) Your representative should vote against these measures since they do not reflect what is in the best interest of America

And, I also added this to my phone call with the aide:

3) Many of us are dedicated to getting those who vote in favor of Fast Track Authority (TPA) thrown out of office during the next election cycle.

To have your voice heard, please click this link to find your representative. At the bottom (left), put in your zip code and your Representative’s phone number will appear. Don’t call your Senator. That vote is not today. It is the Representative of your district who is important.

After you do this, please share as much as possible. We are down to the wire. Until the NEXT scheme is cooked up to approve this behemoth.