Fast Track Authority and TPP: If at first you don’t succeed, just keep trying til no one is watching

And so, in the never ending horror freak show that is the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), aka the Maggot Infested Zombie that will NOT GO AWAY (okay, I made up that name, but it fits) no matter how many phone calls, emails, petitions and letters are registered in opposition, our nearly worthless elected officials have decided not to give up on their spawn of Satan. No matter what. Ever.


Today was a self-imposed deadline of sorts, and since no one was budging on their vote opposing Fast Track (to hell) and TPP, so the vote would essentially be the same, they are going to try a new strategy and give themselves another six weeks to buy off each other.

What does this mean for you and me and anyone else who is so thoroughly disgusted by these people and sick and tired of dealing with the “T” word (trade)? It means that we will need to be alert and try to foresee what these lunatics are up to. In other words, we will need to locate where they’re going to bury Fast Track Authority legislation so that no one can possibly oppose it. As I write this, I guarantee that some corporate shill is concocting a bill that will provide food stamps for children who only have one eye, are missing various limbs and have a fatwa issued against them – and THAT will be where TPA will be nestled. Or some other such procedural nonsense that will either compel everyone to get on board, or shame them into not being able to vote against it. It will be interesting to see if the White House asks Hillary or Bill Clinton to weigh in and help sway the hearts and minds of victims, I mean, voters.

If I were a Las Vegas bookie, I’d be placing bets about how they’ll structure the next “con.” Any guesses?