I hope you’re sitting down…

Two very, very good news items on the front page of The Hill website.

The first one is directly attributable to social media campaigns via the internet. It looks like the attempt by the Obama administration to get Fast Track Authority (in order to ram the Trans Pacific Partnership through to passage) is DOA. That’s the first nail in the TPP “coffin.” Cue happy dance:


The second ALSO totally and incredibly awesome bit of news, also on The Hill, is that the Vatican has HAD IT with American climate change deniers (who have been giving the Pope a really hard time, totally badgering him). The Pope is speaking out more and more about the enormous threat to the planet caused by climate change and will be giving an encyclical clearly stating his concerns very soon. In the meantime, this is as close to a papal bitch slap as it gets.  As you can see by The Hill article, it’s the clown car of climate denial over at the Heartland Institute which just pushed WAY too many buttons ALL AT THE SAME TIME, and which is now feeling the sting of the Vatican’s smack down.

If you can stomach Lead Douchebag Marc Morano’s video in which he tries to browbeat and ridicule the Pope and the Vatican after meeting with them (and sealing their hate of the US climate change denial movement – nice JOB, Morano!), here it is:

Now let’s use Morano’s own publicly stated strategy about how he deals with climate scientists (who he endlessly harasses and ridicules), and see how he likes it. Since he so enjoys “kicking them when they’re down,” let’s return the favor. Take THAT, asshole!!