A building that powers itself? You bet!

Despite the efforts by the fossil fuel industry to hog tie and snuff out the amazing potential of truly clean and renewable energy, scientists and entrepreneurs continue to innovate, providing us all with hope for a much brighter future.

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about transparent solar cells which got people really excited and which generated a lot of questions from readers. I contacted the man credited with doing research on this new technology, Professor Richard Lunt, who directed me to his company, Ubiquitous Energy (UE). UE is dedicated to bringing this incredible technology to market some time in 2016. According to UE’s Vice President for Business Development, Dr. Hugo Steemers, they plan to focus initially on “wearables,” tablets, smartphones, electronic shelf labels and mobile apps, working their way up to “smart windows” on buildings. In this way, a building, your phone or tablet…virtually anything that can have a thin, clear “film” applied over it, will become its own power source!

Imagine never having to plug in your electronic device again. Similarly, your home would power itself, with excess energy potentially being sold back to “the grid.” This isn’t science fiction. This is going to happen in the very near future. Dr. Steemers told me that if you would like to be put on Ubiquitous Energy’s mailing list for updates, please email them at customer@ubiquitous.energy.

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