Even MORE good news!

I’m downright giddy, folks.

If Fast Track Authority is indeed killed in Congress, do you know what that means? One thing it doesn’t necessarily mean is that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is done for, but it’s a huge step towards that eventual outcome. Taking a “macro” look at the death of Fast Track Authority essentially means that your voice was heard. And felt.

The White House did NOT want open discussion about TPP and Fast Track. They have gone so far out of their way to quell any information being leaked about TPP that it boggles the mind. As many of you know, three of the 29 sections of TPP were leaked onto Wikileaks and the content of those chapters ended up being even worse than anyone could have guessed. This led to generalized public discussion and social media campaigns meant to get the word out about this stinker of a trade deal. Would that have been even remotely conceivable a decade ago? Nope. Would it have taken off like it did just five years ago? I doubt it. I will promise you this: if Fast Track Authority is killed, and if, eventually TPP follows in those same footsteps, the corporate elite and politicians are going to sit up straight in their comfy chairs and, well, I don’t know. They’ll try to kill the internet (again), or some other suffocation tactic. Okay, that part is a little scary, but the Genie is out of the bottle, people. THAT’S what this means, in real terms.

Those 500+ multinational corporations who crafted TPP to their liking didn’t think that the average American was going to even remotely CARE about some stupid trade deal. After all, what’s so terrifying about something called TPP which makes you think of toilet paper or something and which looks pretty innocuous when presented by a Democrat. Indeed, if a Republican President had introduced it and pushed this hard for it, people would have immediately seen it for the corporate handout that it actually IS. The beauty of the current plan, had it worked, was that no one would have expected it. Unless they did. Thanks to the internet. Entirely. There were two really good articles on The Hill. The first one is about the heavy lifting being done right now in Washington by labor unions to kill this thing. and the other is a summation of how things are looking for a potential vote on Fast Track.

Keep in mind that it’s not over yet. So, if you haven’t contacted your member of Congress, it’s not too late to do so. And here is a good article about TPP and Fast Track from the Huffington Post last month that summarizes the situation, if you are unfamiliar with it. But the news is VERY good at this moment about the outcome of Fast Track Authority. Good for America and Americans, regardless of your political party. The only ones who are “smarting” right now are 1% of the 1%.

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