Monarch butterfly tracker (updated to September 18, 2015)

The Monarch butterfly are always on the move! Here is a tracking map which shows their progression this year:


For more information about Monarch butterflies, please go to this link.

And this is the 2014 tracking map of their journey:


Monarch butterfly populations are in serious decline due to climate change and the use of harmful pesticides which are wiping out the crucial food sources along their migratory paths. As a valuable Citizen Scientist, you can contribute to this tracker by reporting Monarch butterfly activity in your area. Here is a link to report what you see. If you are located along their path, here are some things you can do to help them:

Monarch Butterfly Conservation | How You Can Help_Page_1

Monarch Butterfly Conservation | How You Can Help_Page_2

And it’s not only Monarch butterflies whose numbers are declining. For many of the same reasons, other pollinators, like bees, are experiencing serious declines in their populations as well. I used the chart below last year and we couldn’t believe how many bees and butterflies made their home in our garden. It quickly got to the point that I had to wait until dark to water and shore up the flowers (they were bending over with the weight of the insects!) because there were too many busy critters during the day getting pretty angry with me. And when I’d buy more flowers, the bees would literally swarm into my car while I was taking the new plants out. It was insane. But in a good way.