Once the methane hits the fan (from Arctic ice melting)

….that’s the end of our story, people.

For further information about this issue, please see the links below:

1) From Climate Central, 2012

2) From Nature Climate Change (via Scientific American) 2014

3) From Scientific American, March 19, 2015

4) From the Ecologist, a few weeks ago

5) A very good report from the National Snow and Ice Data Center from 2011.

And here are some YouTube video explanations:

1) This YouTube video starts out about Antarctica, but they zoom in on the Arctic being the time bomb. Get to about the 5 minute, 30 second mark.

2) This is a good YouTube video, referring to methane releases and “runaway effects” at around the 5 minute mark.

3) And I, personally really like this guy and this YouTube video. And yes, he really does speak like this, and he’s not a nutcase. His 2012 prediction that we’re all toast by around the year 2015 may or may not be exact, but he’s got the rest of it right. And he definitely has some dramatic flair. Just stay with him and go with it.

4) Here is another good YouTube explanation (from 2009) by environmentalist Dan Miller who, at about the 3 minute mark, starts talking about the “game over” for our species. 6 years ago they didn’t realize just how quickly the Arctic would be ice free, and just how much trouble we were in. By the way, the heat and carbon dioxide stored in the ocean (which he refers to) is quite possibly on the brink of getting spit out. This is not a small thing. Very, very bad news.

4) Good YouTube video about the effects of glacier and sea ice melt.