12 year old tells the Dept. of Energy what she REALLY thinks!

Rarely do I find articles on the Department of Energy’s various websites which appropriately reflect the climate crisis we are in (which, of course, they helped create). To be fair, a few days ago they did have a report on their front page lauding wind power (it was called, Wind Vision, and I wrote about it on my websites); however, the vast majority of research projects and articles are so idiotic in light of our current situation that, in my opinion, they border on being criminal. One of my daughters was sitting with me a few nights ago while I was reading just such a post on DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) website. NETL’s front page articles would be funny if they weren’t so horribly out of sync with reality. So, my daughter was looking at the following article, which was up on my computer screen (before I marked it up): NETL duh_Page_1 NETL duh_Page_2 And this was her reaction, which I jazzed up a bit at the end. Keep in mind that she’s only twelve years old.

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