Say hello to new Wall of Shame member, MIT Professor Howard J. Herzog!

Philosopher Maimonides is quoted as saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” In that same vein, I’d like to use something that recently appeared in Scientific American magazine. It was eye catching, for me at least, because I write about climate change, the fossil fuel industry, and the environment. And carbon capture and storage (CCS) grabs my attention as well, but not for the reasons you might think.

Please read this article and then I’ll show you what’s really going on here…

CCS-unmarked_Page_1 CCS-unmarked_Page_2 CCS-unmarked_Page_3 CCS-unmarked_Page_4

Seems innocent enough, right? Not so fast!

Now look at my annotated version and you’ll see what I’m referring to…

CCS-marked up_Page_1 CCS-marked up_Page_2 CCS-marked up_Page_3 CCS-marked up_Page_4

And (drumroll please…) when I DO visit the website (The Conversation) which published his original article, notice who this guy REALLY works for:


And to further hammer home the point:

herzog mit page

So, much like what I wrote in February about US lawmakers acting like they were desperate to fix our roadways (which are made from petroleum products, of course) at the very moment when oil companies were beginning to feel the pinch from lower gas prices, this professorial fossil fuel industry shill wants YOU to ramp up funding, aka subsidizing, fossil fuel companies while we allow them to simultaneously spew tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. You can click here, by the way, for this article at The Conversation.

How stupid does Herzog think we are, anyway? Okay, we are collectively pretty stupid; however, alarm bells should go off when reading stuff like this, and (please make a note to yourself) when you see the words, MIT, energy initiative, and environment used in the same general vicinity, the “firefighter’s equivalent” of a 4 alarm bell should go off in your head. I’ve written about the MIT Energy Initiative before. Bad news. Crooked bunch of sell-outs who either a) write bogus papers for the fossil fuel industry to use to their advantage, or b) write bogus papers for the fossil fuel industry to use to their advantage and THEN go to work for the  government (and keep serving the gas and oil industry), further screwing up the whole ball of wax. You can read more about Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and John Deutch, both associated with the MIT Energy Initiative, here on my website. Just look to the “tag cloud” on the right for their names.

Herzog, who clearly needed more cash to afford whatever his expensive habits are, was just casting out his fishing hook, seeing who’d take his bait. It apparently got reeled in and now this rotting, petroleum soaked, bottom-feeding mess is being served up to you, via several media outlets, It will inevitably be circulated again and again, in an unending attempt at resuscitating the CCS “final solution” to global warming.


And so, because it’s Friday the 13th, which is an awesome day for ME because my oldest daughter was born 17 years ago today, also on a Friday the 13th (and it was a full moon, to boot), and because my email account and websites haven’t been hacked in almost a whole week, I’m not only going to make this sell-out, Herzog, a Wall of Shame member, but, in the spirit of how that other fossil fuel industry shill, Marc Morano, works, I’m going to email Herzog with a link to this article. Also in the spirit of what Morano does at Climate Depot (he harasses, annoys and tries to ruin LEGITIMATE climate scientists), I’m providing you with Herzog’s email address ( and I hope you’ll send him a courtesy email, just letting him know that you’re not as stupid as he thinks.