Bias is a disease

The most important subject which can and should be taught in schools, starting in kindergarten, is critical thinking. The existence of rudimentary and mandatory coursework directed at working against our confirmation biases would solve SO many problems in America. Just think about this: if people were able, or even marginally WILLING to distinguish fact-based claims from propaganda in stories appearing in the media, Fox News would be out of business and the climate crisis would be solved.

These scientists came to the same conclusion:


Here is their excellent article (which is excerpted above) on this subject. In addition, I would highly suggest Guy P. Harrison’s book, “Think: Why You Should Question Everything.” It’s a really fun and insightful read. I actually listened to it as an audiobook in addition to reading the paperback. Audiobooks are an easy way to keep up on subjects you love and you can listen to most books now while you’re driving, exercising, doing housework or yard work. The same goes for podcasts. What an incredible world we live in!