WAY TO GO, MANKIND. We are now breathing air richer in carbon dioxide than at any time in human history. As a matter of FACT, based on the analysis of air bubbles trapped in ancient ice, carbon dioxide levels have not been THIS high since the Oligocene era, 23 million years ago.

And it’s going to get MUCH worse, as we are already locked in to a lot more heat which is being trapped and stored in the oceans and which is about to be burped out, so to speak. You can read more about humanity’s dubious “achievement” here in Scientific American.

And, as I’ve written about several times in the past, an emerging group of fossil fuel companies, mad scientists and opportunists are scheming to find ways to dump a bunch of crap into the oceans, along with plans to launch “mirrors” into the upper atmosphere, to block the sun, and several other lunatic ideas, basically trying to find ways to both a) save humanity so that we can b) keep burning fossil fuels.

WHAT MADNESS IS THIS, people? Every single person, organization, institution, think tank and any other category of psychopath involved in enabling the fossil fuel industry needs to be put in jail, without exception, and without a release date. And that is the LEAST violent and most palpable punishment that should be meted out. We KNOW what is happening. This is NOT a mystery. This is (maybe still) solvable, without dimming the SUN and wiping out billions of people in the process.

The answer is simple: stop burning fossil fuels. Stop extracting, refining and using coal, petroleum and natural gas. It is that simple.

Those people that continue to perpetrate the myth that climate change is not happening are criminals. Nothing less. Those that allow them to utter the words that lead to the doubt that we are marching in lockstep towards our own extinction-level event are also criminal. Those that parrot the false statements that climate change is not happening are ALSO criminal.

We are RUNNING OUT OF TIME, damn it.