New Wall of Shame member, Representative Don Young (R-Alaska)

In a cringe-worthy act of pettiness so pathetic that you probably haven’t seen anything like it since, well, 4th grade, Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) has introduced Bill H.R. 330 before the US House of Representatives.

You may be wondering just how LOW the new Congress will go to upend any real or perceived improvements in the average American’s life. Your answer: pretty damn low. I only hope they’re all as spineless as they look because after this game of limbo, they’ll be bent backwards.


Read it and weep. Or laugh. Up to you…

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If the meaning behind this putrid serving of government cow pie alludes you, it’s probably because you cannot fathom that someone who is ELECTED to serve the interests of his constituents would waste, oh, I don’t know, maybe a few hours of taxpayer’s money to craft this garbage. Just think about this for a second: this guy wears, like, grown man’s suits and probably gets to ride in limousines and his family and neighbors probably think he’s super busy and smart and important. And YET, he’s just sitting there, playing with his Legos, trying to think up ways to be “evil”


What Bobblehead Young is trying to do is pass a bill to amend the Antiquities Act of 1906:


Why would esteemed Representative Bozo-the-Clown Young go out of his way to limit such Presidential powers, enjoyed by both Democrat and Republican Presidents since 1906? The first reason is that, yes, he is THAT petty:


The second reason is just a wild guess…I wonder if it means that oil, gas and mineral extraction can proceed without Presidential interference. That’s just a guess. But whenever you see the word “Interior,” your alarm bells should go off like the fireworks on the Fourth of July, people. The Department of the Interior would sell drilling rights under your grandma’s favorite tree, if they could.

I would say “please contact your Representative” and then I’d include a link ( if I thought that your Representative even gave a tiny “damn” what you think, but frankly, I doubt it.


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  2. It appears to be similar language to that used by ALEC. First step is to limit power of executive branch, 2nd will be to open public lands national parks etc to resource grab… Fairly transparent. PBO will veto and GOP will suffer unless Democrats are complete idiots.


    • Blaine – I was just guessing about the “resource grab” based on past Interior shenanigans. And to throw Department of Commerce in there is suspicious. And weird. Right? And of course, Commerce’s little department just was part of that workaround (which I wrote about) to reclassify and allow exports of LNG. Where is this ALEC stuff written? I’d be curious to see it. Thanks for the comment!


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