Please don’t feed the bigot

I was doing errands today and happened to catch Thom Hartmann’s show on satellite radio. Hartmann mentioned an absolutely horrible story currently unfolding here in Kentucky. This one, in particular, comes from a dark place of pure hate, stupidity, and pettiness, and illustrates an utter lack of compassion and human decency.

And it has nothing to do with climate change. Go ahead and “change the channel,” if you wish, but this man needs to hear as many angry voices as possible..
Lawmaker Wants To Pay Students $2,500 If They See A Transgender Person In The 'Wrong' Bathroom | ThinkProgress_Page_1 Lawmaker Wants To Pay Students $2,500 If They See A Transgender Person In The 'Wrong' Bathroom | ThinkProgress_Page_2 Lawmaker Wants To Pay Students $2,500 If They See A Transgender Person In The 'Wrong' Bathroom | ThinkProgress_Page_3

Let me just say that I am a mother of four teenagers. Every day I “get to” learn a new catch phrase or meme, or hear about a new trend in music/hairstyles/YouTubers, etc. Not once, in all my years of parenting have my children, who rarely hold anything back, mentioned the sexual preferences or sexual particulars of ANYONE. Not in a positive way. Not in a negative way. Not in any way. The bottom line is that they don’t CARE. They are blind to it as having any sort of “value,” be it good or bad. To their generation’s credit, they are also pretty “color blind.” It’s just not an issue for them, and it’s not that they don’t realize there are differences. They KNOW there are differences. It’s just that they don’t attach societal values, which are, for them, other things like kindness, meanness, intellect, pettiness, generosity, etc. when evaluating fellow students. Why then do grown-ups give a damn? The kids don’t care. Let me repeat this: they do not care. If there are judgements being made, they are about stuff like who is bullying or being bullied, how mean a teacher is or isn’t, who needs to use more deodorant in the locker above theirs, etc.

What Embry is doing is attempting to put a bounty out on the head of any student who may be, or may appear to be, different. This is a witch hunt. And while I was already disgusted by this guy on many levels, one of my daughters commented that such a law would actively and aggressively MAKE bigots out of unsuspecting young people.

This is taken from Embry’s own Facebook page. The fact that he cannot see that what he’s written (below) completely contradicts his ridiculous proposed “emergency” legislation speaks to his level of intelligence:

Imagine that your father is out of work, or you have a sick relative with no way to pay for medical expenses, or, hell, you just want to upgrade your car stereo, how about some easy money? What better target than a young person simply trying to use the bathroom during school hours. And then, as if schools aren’t in a tough enough financial situation, they would be forced to pay this “bounty,” by law, plus any legal fees (?), and whatever else can be thrown in. All of this would be an attempt to simply humiliate a child for the self-gratification of a bunch of bigoted grown-ups. And what if the witch hunters don’t find anyone to harass? I’d imagine they’d be incentivized to create all kinds of scenarios they had been “forced to witness.” And so it goes. As if high school isn’t a tough enough time in a young person’s life, and, particularly, I imagine, if you are transgendered.

To me, this is a hate crime unfolding in excruciatingly slow motion, crazily begging for attention. I say that we let this monster know that this is absolutely unacceptable to even say out loud, let alone try to put into LAW.

Please let this jerk know this is a) unnecessary and b) evil.

Senator C. B. Embry (R-KY)
Phone: (270) 526-6237
Email portal:



  1. Why is it for people like him and those who agree with him freedom only applies to them? To them freedom means “agree with us and you can do what you like, disagree and go to jail, be deported, or be killed”. This is why modern republicans are not republicans but fascist disguised as republicans. Republicans once fought for people. Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, they were republicans and they fought for all Americans not just the few who paid them.


    • Earl, you know what? You have an excellent point…there HAVE been Republicans who seemed to represent the whole country. I guess it’s been so long ago that no one remembers that. Thank you so much for your comment. That is truly something to think about…when did it go so wrong? Have a nice evening!


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