Tis the season….NOT to give to The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy has got its filthy hand out all over the internet just in time for “holiday giving.” Just a little heads up: if you truly want to “give to nature this holiday,” I would highly suggest that you give to virtually anyone OTHER than this gang of sell-out thieves. I wrote about them on Facebook in October and reposted it on this website on November 27th (Tagged as Nature Conservancy. Categories are “To share,” and “Analysis,” among others).

Please share this post so that others who do their charitable giving at the end of the calendar year don’t buy into the Conservancy’s unique brand of VERY bad behavior. I won’t rehash the previous post about them except to say that they not only drill for oil on their lands (which are meant to protect endangered wildlife), but they aid and abet the fossil fuel industry on many, many levels. Completely unacceptable and the term “false advertising” is not nearly strong enough a condemnation.

I’m going to revise what I wrote yesterday when I suggested, instead of donating to the Nature Conservancy, you instead look at Greenpeace, 350.org, Friends of the Earth and The Sierra Club. At one of my reader’s suggestions (thank you Daniel Green) I began reading about the Sierra Club, which led me to the little fiasco they had with Chesapeake Energy. I’ll write about it later, but I understand the dynamics of it quite well, although from a different point of view.

The lesson I continue to learn is that, just like people, organizations are usually not entirely “good” nor are they entirely “bad.” There are grey areas. I will leave it up to you to decide about holiday donations and I’m going to shut my pie hole on it, except to say that maybe it’s safer to just keep your money and invest some of it, along with your time, into activities and items to boost your home’s energy efficiency, like this nifty item which can measure how much electricity your household products use while they are not actually in use, available at Amazon.com for around $20:


And here is link to a website which had other really good ideas about how to lower your electricity bills, although the Cisco Home Energy Controller may not be available any longer although it sounded like a neat bit of technology: