“There is no such thing as a clean-burning fossil fuel”

Those words were not spoken by Bill McKibben or James Hansen, or Michael Mann. They were, essentially, spoken by a child. And yet, this boy of 14 years old possesses more wisdom, foresight, bravery, and maturity than a) our President, b) virtually our entire Congress, and c) most assuredly our Cabinet members. As a matter of fact, I’d choose him in a heartbeat over possibly anyone in a leadership position in national office. Sounds like hyperbole, right? It’s not.

Among other things he said during an incredible interview with intern Jordan McCurdy of In These Times (which can be read herewas this:

“We’re overusing our resources to an extent that every living system on earth is dying”
And this:
“I couldn’t not do something”
And this simple truth:
“The people are more powerful than anything we’ve ever seen”
This young man gives ME hope. Now it’s up to us grown-ups to give him a chance at a future.

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