What stands between us and ending climate chaos?

This was originally published to my Facebook account on September 25th.

Think about this – While the SOLUTIONS to bringing down our planet’s greenhouse gas levels/rising temperatures are complex, multifaceted, expensive and somewhat unproven (geoengineering, carbon capture, switching to 100% renewables, etc.), the CAUSE is crystal clear. We are emitting too much CO2. That’s it.

By skinning our planet alive in order to extract every last pound of carbon, we are locking in CO2 levels for hundreds of years into the future.

What stands between the CAUSES and the SOLUTIONS? Surprisingly, just one thing. The fossil fuel industry. Did you know that in 2013, and just in the United States, the fossil fuel industry spent approximately $400,000 per DAY lobbying Congress and lawmakers? And it’s working. What can you do TODAY? Click on the link below, find your Senator (if you are in the US), click on their email address and write them a note. In the “Subject” line, say whatever you wish, but you may want to write, “Re: Keystone XL Pipeline,” or “fossil fuels” or “Climate change…” It will take less than 2 minutes. Probably less time than it takes to read this post. The beauty of the era we live in is that we have access to our policymakers, and that we are linked together by the internet. Make the next 2 minutes of your life matter. Here’s the link┬áto contact your senator.