Did you know that the Nature Conservancy drills for oil on its donated land? Yep.

Ok, this is, hands down, the most disturbing betrayal by an environmental group that I’ve ever encountered. Naomi Klein wrote about the history of it, and this is an article that refers to her reporting & summarizes just SOME of what The Nature Conservancy have been up to. Basically, The Nature Conservancy got land donated by Mobil Oil in 1995 to save an endangered bird species. Two years later, however, they decided to go into the oil drilling business instead. Twice! And even after being “outed” after the first go round.

No signs of the endangered bird any longer (Attwater Prairie Chicken). What can YOU do today to fight climate change? Send an email to this “environmental group” of con artists and let them know that YOU KNOW what they’re up to. Email address for the President of TNC (Mark Tercek) via his assistant, Geraldine Henrich-Koenis is ghenrich-koenis@tnc.org. He is also on Twitter @MarkTercek, and they are on Facebook (The Nature Conservancy). The more I looked into this, the uglier and dirtier it got.


(This was originally posted to my Facebook page on September 24th)