Department of Energy Wall of Shame (platinum member)

Okay, I have to admit that these rascals are definitely the hardest working government employees I have EVER seen. In my life. And, they are so, so proud of their work! Not ever, even for a second, are they hesitant to let us know what they’ve been up to and how much they’ve achieved. I’m starting to really think that they truly are THAT clueless and that they are not connecting the dots to the fact that they are going to release so much methane from this “exotic’ procedure (their word), that it’s going to be KABOOM and KA-CHING all at the same time. Maybe not in that order. I think Christopher A. Smith deserves a special office for all his hard work. Perhaps at the bottom of a drilling well. In the Arctic. Here’s the marked up copy of their prideful announcement. Try not to be as happy for them as they are for themselves. And if that made no sense, just read this and you’ll see that none of it does: