DOE’s Christopher A. Smith nuttiness

Have you ever been driving and noticed some crazy person behind the wheel yelling at apparently no one and sort of jumping up and down like their pants are on fire? Well, if it was today and you were driving alongside me, then it was actually me.

I had just dropped my daughter off at her friend’s house, and innocently turned satellite radio on during my drive home to NPR’s show “Living on Earth.” I’ve heard some interesting things on this show, and I’ve heard some not so interesting things, but it was only a 10 minute drive, so what did I have to LOSE – except my temper. Up comes a segment on carbon capture. Um, okay, now I’m definitely listening more intently. Then they introduce their guest, and it’s none other than bobble head about town, Christopher A. Smith (who you will notice on several posts on my page) and he is being identified as Acting Assistant Secretary of Energy. Funny how NO WHERE did they insert those 3 little words, part of his full title: “….of fossil fuels.”

I realize that he’s just the symptom of a much bigger problem, like a fever can be a symptom of ebola. Yes. That’s a perfect analogy.

Okay, so he sounds like he’s representing the Department of Energy, which he actually probably is. Well, hilarity definitely ensues. Except that I wasn’t laughing. I kind of was crying at the snow job, to be honest. The link to the segment, where you can listen to his 5 minute blathering is:

I marked up the written manuscript which is on my website and that link is here:

Upon further research into the backstory of the 2 carbon capture projects the DOE fossil fuel sellout mentioned investing in, I found an easily predictable cast of characters just doing their black magic to keep us firmly committed to burning fossil fuels.