Chris Christie vows to keep pregnant pigs in tiny (gestational) crates to impress Iowa

Okay, this is clearly not a climate change issue, but for those vegetarians and animal lovers, this needs action. Big time.

Chris Christie was given the choice to outlaw tiny little crates that hold pregnant pigs (for 80% of their lives) in one standing position. They are not even allowed to lay down, turn around, scratch an itch…they eventually just lose their minds. Christie is
choosing not to outlaw these crates in New Jersey to hold pregnant poor pigs because, even though his state of New Jersey does not want these horrible cages for the pigs (by 93% of voters), Christie doesn’t want to shoot down the idea because of his political aspirations and because of Iowa which has many millions of pig farmers and which feeds into his presidential aspirations.

Such a disgusting, cheap and petty decision — literally makes Christie look like the Adolf Hitler of animal farms. Please let him know that this is NOT okay. Not for New Jersey. Not for Iowa. Not for anyone that has even the inkling of a soul or a scrap of decency. No matter where you live and no matter what your political aspirations are, although I would say that anyone who would torture poor animals already destined for slaughter deserves the same (mis)treatment.

Here is the Daily Show clip on Christie’s “dilemma.”

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