Latinos – Beware of this man

What are you gonna do if you’ve got a billion or so dollars to spend on a big presidential election, and you’re stuck with this bunch of unelectable losers?GOP-candidates

If you’re the Koch brothers, and the main “horse” you were betting on to win the GOP nomination (Scott Walker) was so incredibly unpalatable that even your many millions of dollars couldn’t make him seem less diabolical, you change it up in hopes of covering more bases. And by “bases,” I mean voters and in this case, the Koch brothers are trying to cast their slimy, prickly net over Latinos here in the US. They’ve found the perfect foil, or “beard,” in Daniel Garza and the Libre Initiative. I’m not going to go into what makes this guy tick except to say that it’s a textbook case of (initial) political conviction getting too close to the gravitational pull of Opportunism 101.

Kind of creepy, if you ask me, that he can go from this, which is cookie cutter Koch brothers operative:


to this, when he wants to connect with fellow Latinos:


Here is a PBS NewsHour segment about him. If you go to about the 4 minute mark, you’ll see where Garza is selling out his own people. i360, which is the Koch brothers own data mining, world domination tool, is just slithering around the Internet, sucking up personal information, which, I can say with 100% certainty, is not going to end well for most of us. Garza, and his Libre Initiative, feeds the Kochtopus any and all of the Latino community’s personal data, when they can get their hands on it, ┬áby masquerading (in swing states) as innocuous help with tax returns, as English language classes, and as driver’s education courses.

Like a modern-day Medusa, all I can say to Latinos is LOOK AWAY from “it” or you’ll be handing a little bit of your soul to these┬ádemonios.



  1. I am not seeing the evil here. Your case against the Koch brothers seems to be driven by paranoia and delusion. Where’s the crime? What’s the crime?


    • Fair enough. Maybe you really don’t know about them.

      They are petty, mean, hypocritical, thieving, polluting, manipulative, opportunistic common thieves. Their judgmental, small, and deliberately cruel intent goes beyond sociopathic. “Daddy issues” aside, they are emotionally and intellectually retarded over-compensators who happen to have a big spending limit. To intentionally seek out the most vulnerable across many segments of society, with such a white hot hatred aimed, bizarrely, at extinguishing and exploiting unknown (to them, personally) targets for their derision goes way beyond simple narcissistic personality disorders and bleeds into the zip code of common criminals who really fancy themselves (somehow) superior.

      They arrived at their privileged perch through no moral or ethical high ground, and yet, like the old geezers in the movie, “Trading Places,” they think it sport to mess with those they consider “below” them. How stunted, pathetic, and clearly bored they must be. Their pettiness knows no bounds. Daniel Garza’s deal with the devil makes him nothing more than a pawn in a ridiculous game where he’s selling off his own community for a seat at the adult’s table. Except he has no idea what, or who, is being served for dinner. He seems eager to cash in on the spoils looted from the blood, sweat and tears of the Koch family’s nameless, faceless victims. Here is an article with some information:


  2. Thanks for the info. I think that Trump is running to throw the majority to Hillary. Are they much different from one another minus the outrageous persona?

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