I only heard about the looming crucifixion (and planned beheading afterwards) of 21 year old Ali Mohammed al-Nimr of Saudi Arabia on Bill Maher’s show last night. This is horrible, by any stretch of the imagination although it becomes even worse when you learn the details of his 5 year detention for, apparently, nothing more than being a potential critic of the Saudi government…at worst

His execution is imminent. I beg each of you to communicate in any method possible with the Saudi regime. Thanks to social media, there are several Twitter accounts owned by prominent Saudis. I ask you to please share this information and, if possible, tweet or ask that Ali not be hurt.

Twitter accounts:
Saudi King Salman Twitter account

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir

OPEC News Twitter account (can’t hurt)

Saudi Shura Council’s Twitter account

And in the case of the Saudi Foreign Minister, you can see who he “follows” and tweet to them. Ask them not to hurt Ali…in any language you feel comfortable with. Time is running out.


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    please reblog retweet save Ali Mohammed Al Nimr from crucifixion and beheading by this barbaric saudi arabian government for speaking against this government at 17 years old.
    please beg, plead , send navy seals to murder , do whatever you can think of to these barbaric people who are torturing to death people who dare speak against them.

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  2. So how is this different then you wanting so called “climate change deniers” or in the words you used here “nothing more than being a potential critic of climate change…at worst.” convicted of murder and crimes against humanity, both of which carry a death sentence in some places?
    I’m not defending the situation he is in, just curious how you justify your position.


    • If it weren’t for the fact that climate change deniers a) vote and b) procreate I’d just be able to laugh at your collective stupidity; however, since you CAN vote and spawn I’ll point out that at NOWHERE does it say Ali was a critic of climate change. Paid deniers – they can twist on a skewer for all I care. Why? Because they imperil life on this planet.


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