Scientization of politics

The three videos below are simply excellent. They appear on YouTube and I suggest that you listen/watch them in this order, as the speakers will refer to each other’s talks. They were all given on October 5, 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The first presentation by professor Stefan Rahmstorf discusses the actual science of climate change. I have listened to, and watched it several times and it’s incredibly informative. If it seems difficult to just sit and watch a video on your computer, maybe do what I do: run the video(s), carry the computer to where you need to be, and get done whatever you need to do (laundry, dishes, yard work, etc.). Maybe that’s not how a lot of people spend their day, but with four kids, I’m often up to my ears in household duties.

Each time I experience videos such as these, I learn something new…

Here is the first one about the scientific data behind man made global warming and climate change:

The second one is by Michael Mann. He basically discusses the politicization of science (although he flips that on its head), and talks about the kinds of things he’s had to deal with as a result of his work. He discusses “Climategate,” and the legal, professional, and personal attacks he’s had to fend off from climate change deniers/the fossil fuel shills. Very interesting:

The third video is by Kari Norgaard. She talks about why there has been so little action to reverse climate change, addressing the subject of humans and denial. She delves into why so many of us don’t talk, even amongst ourselves, about the looming climate crisis. She also discusses why we find it difficult to grasp how we’ve allowed this situation to get so bad. FYI: the sound quality adjusts throughout her talk, but doesn’t get in the way of her message:


  1. Thank you. I’m looking forward to listening to these videos. I’m also sharing this post and hopefully many others will also listen and learn. I appreciate your help so much. Thanks again 🙂


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