Stuck, for a sec, in the denier’s den

As of this post, Marc Morano, the head lunatic over at Climate Depot, and his unsavory ilk continue to refer to my labeling of climate change deniers (like themselves) being responsible for the murder of the two Dutch researchers in the Arctic as some sort of injustice (that May 4th post is below). I hesitated to write about all the fuss the deniers are making because I hate to give them any attention. They’re literally like children demanding someone take notice of them, sending me hundreds of messages and comments and peppering me with tweets.

And now, Fox News has got a hold of it, so, who knows. If you look to Morano’s website, the vast majority of the middle section of his page as of early Friday morning was about my accusation (hopefully he’ll get some fresh news to blab about soon). What gives? This buffoon has probably a few million visitors to his website each year, so why on earth would he feign a conscious and be bothered so much (along with all the others who have written and harassed me, with one of them telling me that I should come visit him and bring my own body bag) by me?

Could be two things: my daughter said that my statement that they’re responsible for the deaths in the Arctic hits a nerve because, even through all their bluster, they know that I’m right. Or at very least, there is enough of a kernel of truth that they’re ticked off. Otherwise they’d just ignore it.

Secondly, it could be that they’re using my article to whip up ratings for self promotion. Or even to attempt to appear as victims themselves, somehow. Indeed, as accountability and blame starts to commingle with the mess the deniers have left the rest of us, a la the tobacco settlement. I’m actually seeing discernible tide, even within right wing sites and media, of lame attempts at assigning blame, complete with watered down and dismissive acceptance of the climate situation. I only hope I don’t have to deal with blubbering idiots like Bill O’Reilly any time in my life. Or Hannity, or any of those liars.

The flack I’ve received the past few days is but a drop in the BUCKET compared to what they do to scientists, who are sued, threatened, harassed and brow beaten into submission. If my shouldering of any of their hatred “bought” climate scientists any kind of breather, I’m glad to have helped. I feel awful for what they endure. And it just takes up so much precious time having to defend themselves when they really have much more important work to do.

There are dozens of bozos who are actually ASKING to be put on my list of murderers so that they can feel important. Can you imagine? What kind of world is this? I’m just deleting their comments and not giving those jerks the gratification they so desire. As Dubya said, I’m the decider.

And I just looked at the clip on Fox News. At the 3:20 mark, Eric Bolling, who is on my burgeoning list of those responsible for Cornelissen and de Roo’s deaths, makes a comment about being on the list. I almost, for a split second, thought he looked ashamed about it. I dunno. It’s probably my bad eyesight fooling me. So here’s the clip from Fox News. Go to 3:20 in segment. 

The thing that is crystal clear about these guys is that, when face to face with their bad behavior, they try to squirm out of it like kids caught stealing. Weak, no character at all. I’d dislike them less if they stood by their actions instead of looking so pathetic. Here is Morano being interviewed with snippets cut into the tape showing what a woman scientist feels like when she receives vicious hate mail and threats because of deniers targeting them. He sure doesn’t look like he’s proud of his behavior in this video. I’d like to see him, face to face, with some of the scientists he conveniently harasses from afar to see what his (involuntary) body language reveals. Probably won’t happen, though, since they are a bunch of cowards.

Oh well. For now, I’m just going to get away from their general ickiness and stench. Too much (productive) work to do. Onward!



  1. Global warming deniers are fond of claiming that the science is not settled. I don’t know of a single skeptic that denies that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and that, all other things being equal, increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations will cause a substantial increase in temperature.


  2. Climate scientists warned that the earth’s radiation budget was so far out of balance that even if CO2 emissions were reduced to zero, global temperatures would rise for decades. Indeed, for the past 18 years global CO2 emissions and atmospheric CO2 concentrations have risen steadily, and global temperatures have followed. According to satellite measurements, they have increased substantially since 2002.

    The proof of the lack of a pause in rising temperatures has now been explained.

    I’m all for conserving resources.


  3. As I understand it – the researchers fell in due to thinning Arctic sea ice caused by climate change.

    So, exactly: skeptics killed them. I am following your logic.


  4. I think I finally figured myself out. I haven’t been layed for over a year and that’s why none of my brain cells for common sense work. What do you think? Am I right or am I right?


  5. Lots of facts. Minimal emotion, no broad generalizations. No wonder people take you seriously.


  6. Oh by the way, turtles, crocodiles and many other species have managed to survive multiple extinction level events and still live on, so there’s hope for them, at least.

    The earth is is old and resilient. Its climate has changed alot over its 4.5 billion year existance.
    Humans, however, are the first (known) being on this planet to be able to change the environment in a huge way.
    We are smart and adaptive and if there is a way to deal with some catastrophic climate event, we hopefully will find it.


  7. Yes climate change is real..No one is denying that. Even the so called “deniers” will tell you that yes the climate is changing.
    The issue is about how man is predominately changing it.
    I can not say that there is not warming..there is.
    I can not say glaciers/ice sheets are melting..they are.
    The question what we are doing to stop the MAJOR cause of said problem.
    A tax/ban on what we are doing might make a significant enough difference to justify the cost.
    Estimates are that it will take 33 years of ZERO..0..none..NADDA..NOTHING..NO..carbon emissions to reverse any manmade changes in climate.

    This isn’t fantasy this is reality.

    Again, I admire your stance, your tone, and logic.


  8. Schatzie: I’ve become unhinged. Regardless of whether my science is right or wrong, I have become delusional. At one time Eugenics was thought to be a good idea. Many population control is or is not a good idea, that is for time to tell, however the Nazis quickly took Eugenics and made the whole idea evil.

    I’d rather use a machete than a scalpel, that means I’m not only unhinged but lazy as well. Convincing others that I am correct is hard work, work I seem to not want to do. I’m unhinged.


  9. Schatz,

    ” I’d like to see him, face to face, with some of the scientists he conveniently harasses from afar to see what his (involuntary) body language reveals. Probably won’t happen, though, since they are a bunch of cowards.”

    Here’s a great example of why global warming scientists are eager to discuss or debate global warming with Mr Morano:

    Bill Nye:


  10. Schatz,

    “I hesitated to write about all the fuss the deniers are making because I hate to give them any attention.”

    Write to your heart’s content!

    Schatzie website rank in US: 1

    ClimateDepot website rank in US: 45,208

    So, don’t fret, Schatzie! Write on!


  11. Murderers come in all shapes and sizes. Just look at Marc Morano – he’s shaped like a middle aged housewife.


  12. Man’s increasingly dangerous use of carbon based energy, leading to skyrocketing CO2 is one of the worst things to ever happen to the earth. Alarming signs of unusual warming, alas. We are all going to burn baby burn.


  13. I’m Curious,

    You are accusing these people of murder just because they disagree with you’re position and that of the others you see fit to call “experts”.
    You obviously don’t understand then that science is all about disagreement. Scientists for hundred of years have disagreed on many topics and it is only from these disagreements that fact is found.
    Many years ago the world was flat, we have since found it to be not so.
    Many years ago the earth was the center of the universe, again, now not so.
    Many years ago if you even questioned the church you were burned at the stake, today not so.
    It is a necessity that theory and hypothesis be questioned and challenged. Without this anyone with enough power could say anything is fact when it is not.
    Your accusation that people who deny or argue against global warming as an exclusive or primary man made cause is murder is ludicrous.
    The climate is a massively complicated system. Watch the weather report every day and see how many times it is 100% accurate. It isn’t because of the huge amount of variability in the climate inputs.
    Clouds, water vapour, CO2, sunshine, volcanic activity, and a hundred other variables affect the climate.
    Saying that climate change deniers are murderers just because they don’t want a climate tax is like agreeing with someone who sues the world because they think they own the sun (yes this has happened).
    You’re stance on climate change is admirable. You must, however, calm your tone. You can’t accuse someone of murder for having a difference of opinion.

    Your hostility does you no good, debate is about fact and reasoning, not threat and hostility.


    • Actually I arrived at my climate position because I find that man’s CO2 is causing dangerous global warming.

      We know the predictions of the climate models are worthy because they predicted a mid-tropospheric hot spot and also predicted the current 18+ years of significant warming.


  14. I blame those who refuse to downsize their carbon footprints.And the fossil fuel companies. End of story.


  15. SInce there is no evidence to the contrary, I think that the Koch family actually had them in their house and ate the missing scientists because they are mean, science hating, climate change denying scammers and cannibals.


  16. Simple statement of fact.

    Climate Depot and the other deniers made these guys head to the pole to continually have to prove and then re-prove their measurements.


  17. “What has been seen on the internet cannot be unseen”

    I show my true colors when I flee from you. Delete or disallow this comment if it undermines my position, but I cannot delete the dilemma I now face.


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