Death spiral

This poor woman, Russian Arctic scientist Natalia Shakhova is doing her very best to hold it together. To see her speak about the methane “time bomb” under the melting permafrost which she studies, and which is poised to detonate and, essentially, finish us all off, is painful to watch, to say the least. This whole video is incredible. She begins speaking at around the 54 minute mark, and by the 58 minute mark, her body language says it all. She is trying so hard NOT to be alarming, but it seeps through her presentation. Much like oil.rusky meme

The melting and disappearing Arctic and Antarctic sea ice, which is caused by humans burning fossil fuels for the past few hundred years, somehow seems to be a happy coincidence for the US Departments of Energy and Interior, who are poised to try and (insanely) take advantage of their handy work to crazily just make more money. Their utter lack of understanding about the causes, effects and consequences of what we are doing to our chances of survival is best summed up in the YouTube video below, and, particularly, by the little girl who speaks at the very end. The first 8 minutes or so are not essential viewing, but the remainder of the movie is extremely important. I would just like to say that for those of you who already understand the severity of what we are facing regarding global warming, you may not want to watch this movie. I’ve deliberately not mentioned or wrote about it, instead writing about the dangers of geoengineering, etc. Engineering the climate to try and mitigate the worst impacts on the Arctic is increasingly looking like a necessary evil (you can click on the tag cloud to the left for my geoengineering posts, and there are more references on my Facebook page) in light of previous climate models predicting exactly what is slated to occur by September 2015.

In case you missed my review of the geoengineering-gone-wrong movie, Snowpiercer, please check it out. Incredible movie. Utterly suppressed in the English-speaking world. Whoa.

The important thing is to share this post, especially with those resistant to its message because we are so out of time, people, that it’s not even funny.