Ok. I’m embarrassed for Oklahoma

The WORST moment in this utterly ridiculous snippet comes at around the 21 second mark. Look at his face. Closely. He is so full of righteous, smug indignation simply because he found a snowball. In his simple little mind, finding a snowball equates to the entire global scientific community being wrong. And we are talking THOUSANDS of Ph.D.’s (minus Willie Sook), astronauts, biologists, geologists, physicists, chemists, engineers, climatologists, oceanographers, etc., ALL WRONG because THIS GUY FOUND A SNOWBALL.

Hell, even my CHILDREN understand that climate change doesn’t mean that everything gets HOT. And yet, James Inhofe is so proud that he found “proof,” right there outside the building, that people with far more intelligence than he can even imagine are ALL lying, that he had to throw a snowball to make his point.

If I were related to this guy, or I even happened to have the same last name, I’d be spending the night outside of the county clerk’s office so that I could change my name as soon as it opens in the morning.