None so blind as those who will not see

When you read articles, papers and reports about the threat of climate change which are written by the very same industries responsible for the problem, and who are sounding the same alarm bells that scientists are, you get a feeling that your world is upside down.

Take, for example, the NRG CEO, David Crane, who recently published this piece in, Fortune:

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He almost sounds human, right? Even sensible. Very confusing. Or how about this article in The Telegraph about BP’s assessment of the scope of the crisis:

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And let’s not forget that bastion of capitalism, The World Bank, who have an entire website devoted to the topic of climate change, which can be found here:  ( The International Monetary Fund (IMF) apparently concurs. Their Climate Change Fact Sheet can be found here:

Heck, even Fox News is coming around:

And with some of THEM blatantly admitting their involvement in heating up the planet, how do so many regular people STILL cling to the belief that there is some vast conspiracy trying to fool them into thinking that burning fossil fuels is bad?

Here’s a good explanation of that cognitive dissonance:

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This, of course, is exactly why it’s so important to constantly work against your own confirmation biases. It isn’t easy, and it can even be physically uncomfortable, but when you consider how many people don’t even try, the importance of good critical thinking skills becomes a matter, literally, of life and death.