If the average American seems confused, unconvinced, or ambivalent about the reality of climate change, you can hardly blame them.

Keep in mind that a real and actual person, getting paid a salary which involves some level of competence, typed the following words, and probably proofread them, and had to get them vetted before making them public. And the Secretary of Energy surely had to sign off on them. And he’s a nuclear physicist by training. And no one along the way said, “hey, you realize that doesn’t make sense…”



Here is the whole article, from the consistently dastardly US Department of Energy, spinning their repeatedly ugly version of “all of the above” energy policy:

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Talk about mixed messages! And, basically, this misinterpretation of fighting climate change while simultaneously building up fossil fuel portfolios is awash throughout our government’s websites, wiith the exception of a few of them, such as NASA, who, understandably, are trying to find a way off this doomed planet. Who can blame them?