You’ve been played again, environmentalists

You may remember this nutcase from my January 23rd post:

PARKS-Young copy

The guy on the right of the frightened Panda is Representative Don Young (R-Alaska). As you may recall, I wrote about how he recently introduced House Bill 330 (a similar bill has also just been introduced in the Senate by his Alaskan counterpart) which seeks to limit what protections the President can give to public lands.

This guy may look like an idiot, but I don’t think he actually is. I think he was setting up the “con” so that President Obama would appear under siege by the right wingers in Congress, leading us to think that he’s just doing his very best, against all odds, to protect the environment…

I increasingly believe that this is all aimed at “priming” the American people and, particularly, the growing “green movement” and those of us pushing for actual energy policy changes away from fossil fuels. Check out this message, also from Representative Young, on his webpage, on Sunday, January 25th.  Notice the crazy, extreme hand wringing, which even gets a boost from other Alaskan politicians. Personally, I think it reads like a bad high school drama production:

DON YOUNG lunatic_Page_1 DON YOUNG lunatic_Page_2 DON YOUNG lunatic_Page_3

This same day (Sunday, January 25th),  President Obama also releases this YouTube video, mentioning the Department of the Interior and their upcoming proposal regarding leases for oil and gas exploration and offshore drilling on Federally controlled lands. Now that Interior’s plan has actually been released to the general public, we can see that this 5 year plan will impact the environment until we humans become extinct. And yet, the President, who already knows what’s in the Department of the Interior’s plan (remember, it won’t be made public for 2 more days) makes the following joyous announcement:

Also on Sunday, January 25th, President Obama calls on Congress to protect areas in the Arctic which, by the way, were never on the table. They were never touched, so this may sound like the President is bracing for a big fight, when, in fact, this does absolutely nothing. Notice John Podesta’s name on this announcement. He is the one who allegedly is actually pushing a real climate change agenda, but who can tell:

PIVOT-Monday_Page_1 PIVOT-Monday_Page_2

So now it’s the next day, Monday, January 26th. It is one day ahead of the Department of the Interior’s 5 year plan being announced. Keep in mind that we’ve had lots of foot stomping and false indignation from Representative Young, and now this additional feigned anger from Senator Murkowski (R-Alaska). This is a red herring. I see these planted, bullshit announcements all the time. These “out of proportion” announcements should set off alarm bells. Keep in mind that the Interior proposal will increase leasing and oil and gas drilling and exploration in the (melting) Arctic, not DECREASE:


In the meantime, environmental groups are tripping all over themselves, asking everyone to “thank President Obama for what he’s done to save the environment” by protecting portions of Alaska (that were never being threatened).  These well-meaning environmental groups never even thoroughly read the White House announcement, which, I believe, was a well orchestrated set-up in advance of the new five year plan about to be released by the Department of the Interior. Here’s another White House announcement, this one without Podesta’s name on it:

PIVOT-protect already protected

And look at this White House announcement, particularly to the right of the page, where it says, “Top News:”

PIVOT-top news

So, Sally Jewell and the Obama Administration release the 5 year plan, and it’s a stinker. No scaling back of oil and gas exploration and drilling, not in the Arctic, and now there’s even an attempt to start some extraction along the East coast of the United States. Of course, the Alaskan politicians knew this all along. We, the people were being, “primed.”

If you would like to read the Department of the Interior’s plan, here is a link: And here’s Interior’s announcement. Keep in mind that our planet is practically ON FIRE due to our burning of fossil fuels:

PIVOT-Interior announce_Page_1

PIVOT-Interior announce_Page_2 PIVOT-Interior announce_Page_3

Environmentalists were wrong from the very start. Again and again, they walk right into it:

PIVOT-hill_Page_1 PIVOT-hill_Page_2

Their own collective confirmation biases keep them off balance and essentially wrong each time. They are not seeing the REALITY. Look to the bottom of the 2nd page in The Hill story (above).  These green groups are completely incorrect if they think that all this new oil drilling and exploration run COUNTER to what the president has always wanted to achieve. He has never, ever moved the US away from fossil fuels. He says he wants to fight climate change. Those are empty words. As I have shown in numerous posts, this Administration has consistently done what the fossil fuel industry wants. And that is not easy for me to say, but to interpret the evidence in any other way would be intellectually dishonest.

And so, that crazy guy who was all bluster and weirdness on my January 23rd post? I suspect that you may see a little more showmanship and blustering, but I’m betting that was a red herring. Or how about this: the Republican controlled Congress overthrows the (previously existing) pristine Arctic regions after stirring up all this groundswell of indignation, and drilling rights are implemented for THOSE areas as well.

In the meantime, this showboating sets up the traditional Democrat vs. Republican rivalry. And, keeps everyone in their designated spots. I’m just calling it, as crazy as it sounds: they’re all in on it. It’s like a big Broadway production, for our benefit. And at our peril.

Who wins? NOT the environment. NOT Alaska. NOT the American people. NOT those of us fighting to stop the planet from heating up. The winners are, as ALWAYS the fossil fuel companies and the politicians.

So, are you ready for that revolution YET?

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