The amazing Artificial Leaf

The Artificial Leaf was created by Harvard Professor Daniel Nocera. This device has the ability to replicate photosynthesis and make your house it’s own power source. My neighbor and friend, Luke B. (who is a chemistry professor) shared this video with me. He has actually sat in on lectures given by Professor Nocera. It appears that this technology has not been adequately supported by our government which could give it the “boost” it needs to potentially revolutionize the way the United States and, indeed, the world, acquires its energy. This is more than merely a shame. It should be classified as a crime.

Instead of supporting such innovative technologies, our government chooses to invest hundreds of millions of dollars, and in the case of nuclear energy, literally billions of dollars, in outdated and already dismissed technologies, such as carbon capture and storage, all under the guise of “All of the above” energy policies. Carbon capture does not adequately work. Time and time again, it has been proven to be ridiculously expensive and unrealistic and, of course, it is based on the continued assumption that we are going to burn fossil fuels until there are none to be found.

Here are a few examples of the US Department of Energy’s doubling, tripling and quadrupling “down” on carbon capture, which is a horrible idea. This article is sickening. But you’ll notice the “All of the above” umbrella being used and which, of course, was provided by our current administration. This policy has allowed increasingly extreme and reckless extractive methods to be pushed by the US government and, through aggressive American efforts abroad, forced upon any policymakers or agencies that we can grab hold of:

There are countless examples of carbon capture and storage (CSS) hand-outs and promotions by the US Department of Energy. Here is an additional example:

And HERE is the direction that we SHOULD be going in…please share this incredible 7 minute video:

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