Red herring alert

New proposed legislation out of the White House is being heralded by some in the media (but not those who matter) as a resurrection of President Obama’s deeply held desire to curb C02 emissions. This is patently untrue. This pathetic and transparent attempt to placate the masses with vigorous arm flailing, trumpeted fanfare and a well-placed comment here and there about how “the industry” will not be happy would be comical if its consequences weren’t so disturbing.


Let’s take a look at how two different media outlets report this new legislation. First, Scientific American:


It’s okay. Not perfect, but they are trying to be balanced.

Now, let’s peek at the Washington Times’ version of the same announcement. The Times, which was and may still be owned by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and which has always spun its own brand of completely crazy right wing storytelling can shed light on the spin involved and you get the added benefit of some gun ads and some very unsophisticated attempts to hide their Cheshire cat grins:


In short, this bogus, worthless, steaming pile of crap legislation means nothing. It’s managing to be, incredibly, BOTH a) full of holes large enough to steer the Exxon Valdez through, AND b) has somehow managed to not even FAKE having any “teeth,” or forethought. The result? You will be hearing about it during the State of the Union address. That’s why it’s there. It means nothing. It will be spun into the ingredients of a white wash pie. I’m going to put money on January 20th’s commedia dell’arte also trying to work in some Trans-Pacific Partnership flag waving. Just try to catch a glimpse of John Boehner’s orange oompa loompa face


or The Turtle


if TPP comes up. I would give anything to see how THEIR poker faces hold up.

All, of course, for the good of you and me, apple pie, the American dream, My Little Pony, and anything else you can throw in to make it seem nostalgic and wholesome. And corporate America? They won’t even bother to turn on their flatscreens, as they already know what he’s going to say. They wrote it.