Who’s ready for a revolution?

“Straw that broke the camel’s back” (idiomatic). A small and seemingly insignificant addition to a burden that renders it too much to bear; the small thing which causes failure, or causes inability or unwillingness to endure any more of something.

Possibly from the proverb, recorded by Thomas Fuller in his Gnomologia as “Tis the last feather that breaks the horse’s back.” This comes from an Arab proverb about loading up a camel beyond its capacity to move, to the scenario of a single straw of grass or hay overwhelming the desert-roaming beast of burden.

I’ve had a few hours to look at this, and I am still speechless. Just read this and absorb its meaning. Keep in mind that a) the world has crossed the 400ppm level of CO2 in the atmosphere which we keep bobbing around, yet again, with environmental tipping points being hit left and right, leading us, inevitably, to a runaway greenhouse gas effect from which there will be NO time to adapt, b) renewable energy is fully technologically developed and could completely replace dirty fossil fuels, c) President Obama has dragged every environmentalist in America through the emotional ringer with his tortured and prolonged song and dance about approving versus vetoing the Keystone XL pipeline for the past 6 years, all the while negotiating numerous back channel deals, done with ZERO public knowledge or input, such as this whopper, and finally, d) the last shreds of anything resembling a democracy have now slipped away, just at the point that the majority of Americans are in an emotional and intellectual stupor, leaving the rest of us standing helplessly on the sidelines trying desperately to wake them up.

So, have you heard of the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) which operates within the Department of Commerce? I’m going to bet that you have not. I had not. Sort of coming at us “from left field,” right? Here is a description from their website:

CRUDE-about bis

Now that the stage is set, please read this article from an excellent website called DESMOGBLOG.COM. I highly recommend checking in with their site whenever you get a chance. Their mission is to debunk reports by climate change deniers trying to fool people into believing that climate change is a hoax. And their articles are often quite funny. They make this one as funny as it can possibly be:

CRUDE-desmog_Page_1 CRUDE-desmog_Page_2 CRUDE-desmog_Page_3 CRUDE-desmog_Page_4 CRUDE-desmog_Page_5 CRUDE-desmog_Page_6

And for a nice, dry, clinical summation by The Hill:

CRUDE-the hill

And just in case you’re curious about the BIS (let’s just rename them, “BS”) website created for all those fossil fuel companies who are apparently tripping over themselves to take advantage of the billions of dollars that the Obama Administration has just stealthily handed them:


Okay, now let’s just have a moment of zen, or a sec to chill. Here are a few memes to bring your blood pressure down:


Or how about this one:


This little guy is about as useful as our government:

So, everyone, all those damn petitions you sign, the meetings or demonstrations you attend, the letter writing campaigns you join, the carbon trackers, methane trackers, those poor bastards freezing their asses off in the Arctic or on the Greenland Ice Sheet, or the foolish scientists toiling away in the steaming rain forests, busily measuring the levels of this or that gas, the earnest diplomats and policy wonks feverishly trying to negotiate SOME minute decrease in SOMEBODY’s use of fossil fuels, the countless non-profits tirelessly advocating for renewable energy…FOILED by this worthless piece of shit inconsequential government office of bureaucratic sell-outs, who either knowingly or unwittingly let the barely-contained filthy beast of the fossil fuel industry out of its straw cage.

And they are laughing their asses off at YOU and ME and anyone in America who thought they had a “voice.”

And Barack Obama is laughing the hardest of all because more damage has been done to the environment under the auspices of this President, someone who I had always thought of as MY President than anyone who came before him.

In the words of Jack Heath, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” At least then it doesn’t hurt as much.


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