Most epic failure of your government… (additional source links)

There are several versions of the Blue Ribbon Commission Report. They are all slightly different. And I found that the differences (additions vs omissions) often said quite a lot.The link to the Blue Ribbon Commission Reports is below. Note that it’s called the “cybercemetary.” They archived this Commission’s entire collection of reports and their library almost immediately, which, for me, said a lot in and of itself.

Go to the right side of the screen for the good stuff, under “Recent Documents.” You’ll find that the different reports take the liberty of adding or omitting information based on what they hope to achieve. For example, if memory suits me here, there are only one or two places where they explicitly state that the Nuclear Waste Fund has been entirely drained through Congressional legislation. Usually, they’ll say that the “balance of the fund,” or some other such “fact dodge” is roughly $28 billion.

The website is:

There are also a LOT of subcommittee reports and commissioned reports contained within the library of this website.


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